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  Julia Martinez Diana is an independent designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She focuses on graphic and typography design. Julia is a Graphic Design graduate from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires.
  In 2014 she started her design studio Antipixel Type Studio to focus on display typography. This quickly led to a collection of energetic typefaces full of spirited quality and a charismatic personal touch. Paying special attention to detail, Julia takes care of the whole process of her fonts, design, production, and promotion.
  Her font Cumbre was awarded the "Certificate of Typographic Excellence" by the TDC's 69th Competition in 2023, and Julia was awarded the Ascenders recognition by the TDC for typographic creatives on the rise. Her work has been published in numerous books and magazines in the field of design.
  In 2023, Julia was invited to contribute as a teaching assistant for the Master of Typeface Design program at the University of Buenos Aires, actively participating in the Lecture of Design from April to July of that same year.
Features in design books and magazines
 Photography by Verlag Hermann Schmidt 
October 2023
Posters can helpCumbre, Dingos
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
February 2023
 Photography by Bloomsbury Academic Press 
December 2021
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
December 2020
IdN Magazine v26n3: Typeface Design IssueDingos, Pasto, Escalope, Austral Slab, Austral Sans, LeOsler
 Photography by IdN 
September 2020
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
April 2021
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
October 2019
Yearbook of Type #3— 2018Escalope, Austral Slab
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
April 2018
Typodarium 2024Austral Slab, Cumbre, Dingos
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
Typodarium 2023Cumbre, Escalope
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
Typodarium 2022Dingos, LeOsler
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
Typodarium 2021Pasto
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
Typodarium 2019Austral Sans, Austral Slab, Escalope, LeOsler
 Photography by Slanted Publishers 
 Photography by C-IDEA 
September 2023
 Photography by Randall Bellows III 
June 2023
April 2023
October 2023
October 2023
HiiiTypography 2018— NominationEscalope October 2019
HiiiTypography 2016— Merit Award Latin TypefaceAustral Slab 2016
HiiiTypography 2016— Merit Award ExperimentalAustral Sans 2016
HiiiTypography 2015— Merit Award Latin TypefaceLeOsler 2015
 Photography by Type Directors Club 
August 2023 - Still being exhibited worldwide
 Photography by Randall Bellows III 
September 2023
 Photography by Jonas Hartz © C-IDEA Design Award 
September 2023
 Photography by Budapest International Ampersand Exhibition 
August 2019
Fontspring— “Best of 2020”Dingos 2020
Academic experience
Teaching assistance— Taller de Diseño*, Master of Typeface Design, University of Buenos Aires. *in charge of Fernanda Cozzi April-July 2023
Teaching assistance— Typography I, Cátedra Gaitto Sábados, University of Buenos Aires. 2012-2013
Graphic Design graduate— School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires. 2014
Font production, font engineering
Font design
Extended language support, vietnamese diacritics
Promotional imagery of fonts
Software experience
Glyphs— Advanced
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop— Advanced
Spanish— Native
English— Advanced/Fluent
Naughty Dog— The Last of Us
HBO— The Last of Us
Teen Choice Awards
Nike— Club der Töchter
Maybelline New York
Coca-Cola— Christmas 2021 Campaign
Spirit Airlines
Mr. Wonderful
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